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The steelworker who's now being trained by the world's best opera teachers
Mark Jenkins is aiming to reach the summit of the operatic world

A family-owned aviation firm in Bridgend is now on the world's biggest stock market
Aircraft Maintenance Support Services has been acquired by US giant JBT Corporation for £10m

Slimmers have shed a staggering 260 tonnes thanks to one lady's vision
Marie Griffiths has helped thousands of people over the last 35 years

Fire crews battle blaze at Ford plant in Bridgend
Workers were evacuated following the fire which caused a large building at the rear of the plant to become "fully smoke logged"

Two hospitalised after marathon organiser's car overturns and rolls down embankment
There were eight people in the vehicle when the incident happened

Listen to the moment a five-year-old called 999 for his unconscious mum
Little Kyran Duff managed to reach the door key down with his dad's slipper to let paramedics in

A Porsche and drugs were seized by police who carried out raids during a 24-hour crackdown
A total of 25 people ended up in custody following a police operation throughout Bridgend and the Vale of Glamorgan

School closed after sickness bug strikes 'significant number' of pupils
The primary school, in Bridgend, will undergo a deep clean

An Army veteran who chased gun-toting drug dealers off a notorious estate has died of cancer
The 'heavies' even threatened to burn Philip Loveday's house down

'Technical fault' gifts Bridgend town centre with free parking after decade-long campaign
The barriers have been raised at the new Rhiw multi-storey car park until the problem is fixed

Thieves have stolen hundreds of pounds worth of tools in a series of van thefts
Police are linking the incidents in Bridgend and the surrounding area which have taken place since Monday

A road safety campaigner has been charged with causing serious injury through dangerous driving
It follows a collision earlier this year

'Shameful' lead thieves target schools causing thousands of pounds worth of damage
Two Bridgend schools have been struck in as many weeks

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