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News September 2014

Published on 29 September 2014  | Download | back to previous

TCRM Bridgend Web Design and Google+ (click to view the video)Hi all and welcome to this month’s TCRM newsletter.

There is a distant land that for many of us in the UK exists just over the virtual horizon, a service that has over 300 million active users worldwide and is owned by one of the most powerful companies in the world. Can you guess what I am referring to?


That’s right, the social media platform that has been left forgotten by most of us since its inception as Google Buzz in 2010. But the weird thing is that while no-one seems to be talking about Google+ we certainly seem to be using it!

Google+ has been quietly growing over the years to now be held as the second most popular form of social media next to Facebook. When you take a moment to think about this it is no great surprise as most of us use Google’s platform more than we use any other online content provider. Google is the go to resource for searches, maps, YouTube, email and a whole host of other services. Google have been clever in linking this huge myriad of services under one profile so that everything has become connected and this is where Google+ comes in to help your business. Google+ links to all of these services to make sure that everything that you do online in relation to your business is not abstractly related to you but provides direct and clear link to your company’s online persona. And this is the key to your online and social media presence in this new and undiscovered country. You company is no longer a mere website or a couple of blog posts, it is a personality, an entity that will exist and span over cyberspace that ensures all content offered by your company or business relates back to you as the owner and author of that content.

Not only this, but Google+ offers a significant secondary benefit that none of the other social media platforms can hope to provide or possible hope to compete with. When a user gives your content a +1 (Googles answer to Facebook’s “Likes”) this has the added benefits of affecting your search engine optimisation which in turn will give you a better page ranking in searches. This on its own is enough to consider becoming an active subscriber.

It’s funny how this has been growing under our noses over the last four years but we’ve only recently become aware of its status in the social media world! Well, I can’t stress how strongly I would urge to jump on board with Google+ and get your face out there!

The second little bit of news I have for you is our trialling of a new copywriting service. If you’ve ever been sat in front of a blank white screen waiting for inspiration to hit you for the latest press release or textual content we can help you! If you need some copy written for your website, newsletter, blog or whatever you need contact us for a quote and we will be more than happy to help. We are excited to be able to offer this service so please contact us for further information.

That’s all for this month, keep an eye out for our next update!


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