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Published on 07 January 2015  | Download | back to previous

2015 Rugby World Cup (click to view the video)For rather obvious reasons I’ve been thinking about new year, a time of change. We have an exciting year ahead of us in the UK, will the general election see an end to the seldom lauded coalition? Will UKIP triumph and win more seats than the two already earned? And perhaps, most importantly, will Wales finally succeed in their dreams of World Cup glory hosted on home turf? This is going to be a dramatic year for our small isle and as I look out from the year's dawn I wonder how we will look back in 12 months time, a lot can change in a year.

They say change is good and what better time to think about updating your website for the coming year? I've repeatedly talked, despite repeated requests for me to shut up,  about the benefits of having a website that is optimised for mobile and tablet viewing. Now is the time to get it done! These days if you can't browse a website while in the loo or skiing down the side of Ben Nevis your website belongs back in the 90s with GIFs of flying toasters and squawking 56k modems! TCRM is your helping hand to get your website up to the standards that a 21st century consumer has come to expect. Don't delay call today!

But this isn't the only thought to have crossed my mind.  TCRM specialises in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO to those in the business) and have built many sites with great optimisation. I’ve seen dozens of other websites that place well in page rankings but I am almost always shocked at what lies behind the painted veil of google. Some truly terrible sites have climbed to the top of the rankings with effective use of SEO but still offer an awful experience to their customers with sub par products. It got me to thinking that a modern website needs many, many things to succeed these days but all above these it needs to provide a quality product at the right price, I suppose this is the core of any business. You can dress up a business with all manner of clever marketing and jazzy promotion but at the core of every business is its product. They say that if you can't polish a t**d you can roll it in glitter but at the end all the customer receives is some shiny crap. Perhaps I should present that theory to the Bridgend Business Forum?

So I look forward to the challenges and changes that this year brings. TCRM have got a hot barrel of websites waiting to be tipped all over the internet and we can’t wait to see what fascinating and diverse businesses contact us this year to help them get their online presence off to a flying start.

Best of luck in the new year and thanks for reading.


Please click here for more information: Rugby World Cup 2015
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