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Welcome to the TCRM content management systems (CMS) page.

Run a Pencoed business and Pencoed is spelt wrong, what do you do, after a member of staff leaves, need to update an image on the site, what do you do?

Hopefully you contact the web company and they change it for you (how much will they charge?) but if you have a CMS solution you login to your site and change it yourself. There are lots of other things possible with CMS but a good start to this page would be wikipedia's very comprehensive view on "content management systems" that are available on the internet.

Content Management from TCRMSo, wikipedia is looking at CMS as a system a major multinational company would use to manage their twenty thousand page web site using 3,500 staff based in a hundred locations across the world. However, we think CMS should be available to all web site content providers large and small.

Our solution has been specifically designed in house to offer the optimum blend of simplicity and functionality for the small to medium enterprise. We have taken the approach that design layouts and colours etc.. are best left with our design experts and we should focus on giving our customers the facility to simply change text and images, with our system you can rotate, corner and scale images while the text system allows you to undeline, bold, italic and color. What we have ended up with is a simple yet versatile system that ticks all the boxes on customer satisfaction and is available for a surprisingly low cost, we are simply delighted in the result and are busily developing a demonstration page that you can check out what the TCRM CMS system can bring to your business.

So pencoeed to pencoed without needing to talk to your web company, it sounds like a quick call to TCRM may take the misery out of managing your web site content forever.


It also works in all known languages including welsh. (and where is that quote from?)
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