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TCRM Style Selection Page The purpose of style selection is to change the way your site looks without changing the content.

So you get a different looking web site which is selectable by the user or by whatever crieria you decide, it may be you need:

1. High visibility for vision impaired surfers

2. Different colour as the normal background lighting makes the site difficult to view such as nightclubs or labs where red lighting is used.

3. Unique views for customers based on login or IP Address.

4. Differing views for differing products in an e-commerce site.

Or a hundred other ideas that you may have, we can change colours, fonts, images in style switching, so let your imagination roam.

You can try the "change style feature" by selecting "SELECT STYLE..." from the Web Design drop down menu.

All possible from TCRM , give us a call to discuss on +44 (0)1656 655669
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