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Data Backup

Why Backup? Whether yours is a large or small company, with or without an IT department, you will probably have some kind of backup in place, but are you confident that ALL your important data is being backed up properly. We have some simple questions... Is your backup software correctly configured?, Do you have copies of your most vital data off-site?, When did you last validate your restore process?

Developing a backup strategy is essential for any business that is serious about data protection. Data backup is perhaps the most crucial component in a business continuity plan. As the most valuable asset of your business, your data is often irreplaceable. Re-constructing data manually is both wasteful of time and very expensive, and can cost your business thousands of pounds in fees and downtime.

Oolio Online - Secure Digital Solutions Oolio Online is simple, no nonsense online data backup software that allows any pc user to protect their files by simply dragging and dropping them into remote storage. Once your files are safely stored you can rest assured that they are secure, accessible only by you from anywhere in the world with your secret passphrase. And if it's important email that you want to protect, you can drag and drop them from most major email software packages too...

Not only is the solution easy to use and navigate around, but it also takes the hassle out of selecting files that need to be backed up. Using Oolio's advanced Include/Exclude filtering you can back up everything on your hard disk in one simple job.

Oolio Overview Oolio Backup and Archive is a "best of breed" data solution providing secure storage with full audit trail. It has been designed to meet with today's demanding requirements for data and information retention thus enabling compliance for IFA's, Accountancy and the legal profession. Whenever a file is uploaded it is stored in both of our data centres and a unique security key is generated; this is stored with the file itself. Unlike our competition, you determine what files and folders to backup and you can set different retention policies on a per-folder, per-file, or per-file-pattern basis. Oolio is network aware and it doesn't matter if the file is located on your computer or somewhere else on your network. You just tell Oolio what to backup and it does the rest.

Oolio even lets you decide how often to backup and how many versions of your data to keep. Oolio can even help you when you've accidentally deleted local data as it does not delete remote data without your consent. This valuable tool will come in very handy one day, guaranteed.

Why Oolio? Data BackupAll your valuable personal and company data whether it's on desktops, laptops (PC & MAC) or servers, can be easily backed-up and stored off-site in our dedicated data centres. Our service can protect your data from even the most severe physical disaster, including fire and flood.

Is My Data Safe? Data BackupYour data has the highest level of protection. Oolio Online ensures that your data is encrypted with a key only known to you and then compressed before being securely sent via your broadband to our two data centres. The safety and security of your data is of paramount importance to us and we have no access whatsoever to your data.
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