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News December 2017

Published on 01 December 2017  | Download | back to previous

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The end of 2017, what a year. I did hope I would wake up like Bobby in Dallas and it was all a dream but no, Grenfell Tower, Trump, North Korea and the other one which cannot be mentioned were all true! I hope 2018 will mend some of the troubles in our world. I do not mind being at work for a few days between Christmas and the New Year. Hardly anyone around, clients mostly don't need us, it's dead quiet and I get a chance to catch up on all my admin and start the new year without a backlog. I can work a few hours and then go and enjoy some family time  There can be a few disturbances, the phone ringing with a customer who has lost access to his email and yes a few minutes later we have sorted his problem out. Customer service when you appreciated is very easy and bringing a smile during the Christmas period always make you feel better.

I started this News with an idea of a list of items why TCRM sites are better that the competition, it’s funny that when you look at websites most people will thing the better they look the better they will perform, but the odd thing is this:

  1. Design is an opinion, quite often the design our customer chooses may not be the design that we would choose but it is just an opinion, so is it that important? Well yes, in that it has to be professional, based on good design principles but design a) over design b) is often a simple choice
  2. “Google” is a computer program with over 400 measures, not one of them is the design good as how could “Google”  know, it is a computer program.

This brings us to a conclusion, the design has to be “Good” but two good designs will be as good as each other.

Let me list a few things outside design that will affect how google sees your web site

  1. Load Speed
  2. Semantic Markup
  3. CSS3 Compliance
  4. XHTML 1.1 Standards
  5. DNS Prefetch
  6. Graphics Compression
  7. Defer and asynch script loading
  8. Above the fold load speed.

We could go on but you get the idea, what is really important in web sites if often under the hood, and yes we are experts in under the hood stuff.

Sorry to add a boring bit at the bottom but it is important to you and your sites.

Have a great New Year and of course a prosperous 2018.


TCRM provide Pontycymmer, Pontypool and Pontypridd Web Design. If you are from the Transantarctic Mountains region, sorry we cannot help as Andrea hates the cold otherwise no problem, contact us for that great web site
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