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Launched 21 September 2008

And to the question 'So Ted, what's this all about then?' we quote from Genesis, Chapter 4, Verse 1...

'And it came to pass that the four Friends travelled hither and fro in their search for Craggy Island. But when their eyes did light upon the rocky shores of Inis Mor, they knew that their search was at an end. And it was there that Father Delaney proclaimed that the last weekend of February would forever be called Friends of Ted. And the friends saw that it was good.'

For the pilgrims there will be celebration and there will be drink (and tea). As Brethren we will break bread (and cake) together, play Ludo and Buckaroo; quiz each other, steal whistles and write Inis Mor's Song for Europe. We will consume Toilet Duck, laugh, cry and play five-a-side football. And when it is over we will return to our parishes somewhat lighter of pocket, but all the wealthier in heart.

  • An image from Friends Of Ted 07

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