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Email set-up

TCRM Email Guide

There are many ways to configure emails and we support almost all of them.  Forwards/pop 3 mailboxes/mapi/hosted exchange are all terms bandied about and hopefully this will help explain what they mean.

All the various configurations listed below have setup guides to help you configure them.


Hosted Exchange

This is quite simply the bees knees of email systems, it allows contacts/tasks/emails/calendar all with an easy to use web interface and/or on almost all of the current devices, laptops, smartphone, tablets etc.

All the devices are synchronised so deleting an email on the laptop would delete on the smartphone as well.

Aliases can be created so you can have alternate addresses for your hosted exchange account.

Forwards, Distribution Lists are also available.

All your information is stored on a remote server and a copy on your device so losing your phone will not cause the loss of your emails or contacts, a business life saver we think.

Please note, you may need outlook 2007 or above or a client that can use the exchange email system.

Apple Desktop/Laptop clients can be used but remote configuration is not practical unless you can install and configure teamviewer.

We do not offer remote support to install on tablets/phones but we do have guides for many platforms.



By default all email addresses requested from TCRM  are set up as forwards to other email accounts. There are no mailboxes, passwords, pop3 accounts or SMTP servers settings you just use your current mailbox, this is the simplest way if you have an existing system and the costs are included in your quote, however you may need additional support via TCRM or you’re IT experts to “send as” these addresses.


There are advantages in using forwards, but the easiest way to explain it is they are cheap and simple but it is like having one letter box on your door and many names are delivered to the one address.

When you want to ‘send as’ this address, there are several ways to do it depending on the internet service provider you use but essentially:

If you use mac mail, or Outlook the process is:

1. Create a duplicate account with whatever your normal ISP email account.

2. Remove this account from the automatic send/receive system.

3. Change the send as email address to your created email address.

There may be issues depending on your ISP. For most it is fine, but for some you may need to request they allow the send as address (BT is an example of this).

A few ISP's block this method all together and you have to use an alternative sending smtp server.

smtp2go has a free service for emails up to a maximum of ten per day.

TCRM can assist creating these services at our normal rates but we cannot be more specific on how to create them as there  are so many ISP's and Mail clients and each one is different.


POP 3 Mailbox

This is a very common system whereby your emails are held on a server for you and you pc/laptop/phone can connect to the server to download the emails and possibly leave a copy for other devices to collect.

This is fine but the emails are held on your laptop / phone and if you lose the device the emails are lost, however it is very cheap.



This system is similar to pop3 but it leaves the email on the server as well as your devices and therefore if you lose your device your emails are securely stored.

Please note, you will need outlook 2007 or above or a client that can use the mapi system.


Office 365

If you want a complete package for your Microsoft Office requirements take a look at

TCRM can assist installing and configuring your system at our normal support rates but the contract will be direct between you and Microsoft.

Please note, you cannot mix accounts with this option, it is all or nothing as they say.


Most of these services incur additional costs.

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