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Web Design Newport We build websites for all sizes of business, from start-ups, sole traders, multi-staff organisations etc. Our approach is simple, we listen then guide you through our process with the minimum fuss possible. We specialise in good communication with all our clients. Each step of the process is explained in detail, we know it is important our clients understand exactly what they are paying for. Each and every project is individually tailored to our clients needs and in plain terms we can help you succeed, Web Design Newport is what we do and if you let us help your business we will do our utmost to help you succeed. Please call us today and talk to a company who can help you.

Web Design Newport
Our designs are unique and created by skilled and qualified designers, all are custom built from scratch. We do not do cheap off the peg designs that hundreds of people use. So what do you need to do next. We first off check out our portfolio and once you can see we mean business just contact us and leave us take the strain out of the Web Design process. You will end up with one of the best Web Designs in Newport. Our sites are designed for our clients and our clients clients, we strive for each website to make money for our clients. TCRM supply web sites that adhere to international standards such as xhtm1.1 and css2.0/css3.0. We also offer wave compliancy. TCRM sites also support google analytics with awstats or webalizer reporting. Web Design Newport from the South Wales Experts, call TCRM today.

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Exhibition / Arddangosfa: How Green Was My Valley - 21/09/2019
Photographs of the South Wales Valleys Landscape by Ron McCormick The South Wales Valleys as we know them are a result of the most extraordinary industrialisation process. A previously rural region was transformed through its rapid emergence as the greatest industrial centre in nineteenth century Britain and throughout the world. The region is rich with the relics of its industrial heritage with derelict mine workings and the isolated remnants of blast furnaces, engine houses and tram-roads scattered across the mountainsides. Following the 1966 Aberfan disaster many of the mine workings have been replaced with sleek modern industrial estates and retail parks. One is reminded of Huw Morgan's soliloquy in the classic novel by Richard Llewelyn: "...I am going from my valley and this time I shall never return… I am leaving behind me my fifty years of memory… so I can close my eyes on my valley as it is today and it is gone and I see it as it was when I was a boy. Green it was and possessed of the plenty of the earth. In all Wales there is none so beautiful." In the 1980's, the British photographer, Ron McCormick documented this process of change and renewal with an evocative series of photographs that records the changing landscape, history and culture of the Valleys as the heritage of coal and steel was being gradually erased from the communal experience. Ffotograffau o Dirweddau Cymoedd De Cymru gan Ron McCormick. Mae'r ffurf sydd ar Gymoedd De Cymru yn ganlyniad i broses ddiwydiannu anhygoel. Cafodd ardal fu gynt yn un wledig ei thrawsnewid yn llwyr yn ganolfan ddiwydiannol i Brydain a'r byd yn y bedwaredd ganrif ar bymtheg. Mae gwaddol y dreftadaeth ddiwydiannol hon i'w gweld ymhob cwr o'r rhanbarth, mewn hen lofeydd ac olion ffwrneisi blastio, pwerdai a heolydd tramiau hwnt ac yma ar hyd y mynyddoedd. Wedi trychineb Aberfan um 1966, daeth ystadau diwydiannol modern a pharciau manwerthu i ddisodli llawer o'r gweithfeydd glo. Yn y 1990au, aeth y ffotograffydd Prydeinig Ron McCormick ati i roi'r broses hon o newid ac adfywio ar gadw, gyda chyfres o ffotograffau sy'n adlewyrchu tirwedd, hanes a diwylliant y cymoedd wrth i dreftadaeth glo a dur yr ardal gael ei dileu'n raddol o brofiad y cymunedau.

Arddangosfa / Exhibition: 'Wedi'i ysbrydoli gan…' / 'Inspired by...' - 11/01/2020
'Wedi'i ysbrydoli gan…' Cydweithrediad rhwng Coleg Gwent, Campws Dinas Casnewydd ac Amgueddfa ac Oriel Gelf Casnewydd. Mae'r arddangosfa hon yn gasgliad o ddarnau celf wedi'i greu gan ddysgwyr lefelau 1, 2 a 3 o adran Celf a Dylunio Campws Dinas Casnewydd Coleg Gwent. Cafodd y myfyrwyr her i ymateb yn weledol i'r arddangosfeydd parhaol a chasgliad celf Amgueddfa ac Oriel Gelf Casnewydd. Mae'r myfyrwyr wedi ymweld â'r amgueddfa gan ddefnyddio arddangosfeydd fel man cychwyn i ysbrydoli eu gwaith eu hunain. Mae'r gwaith a wnaed yn ymateb i, neu'n cyflwyno sylwadau ar, yr arddangosfeydd a'r gwaith celf. Mae rhai o'r darnau yn tynnu sylw at orffennol Casnewydd, a'r oes sydd ohoni. Bydd y gwaith yn mynegi barn, yn ymchwilio ac yn dathlu agweddau ar dreftadaeth fawr Casnewydd, ei hanes diwydiannol, a datblygiad Glan-yr-afon a chyfoethogi ardaloedd megis Glan-yr-afon. 'Inspired by …' A collaboration between Coleg Gwent, City of Newport Campus and Newport Museum and Art Gallery. This exhibiton is a collection of art pieces produced by levels 1, 2 and 3 learners from the Art and Design department of Coleg Gwent City of Newport Campus. The students were challenged to visually respond to the permanent exhibits and art collection of Newport Museum and Art Gallery. The students have visited the museum using the exhibits as a starting point to inform their own practice. The work produced reponds to, or comments on, the exhibits and art work on display. Some pieces draw parallels to Newport's past and present. The work will comment, explore and celebrate aspects of Newport's, rich heritage, its industrial past, right up to today's Riverside development and gentrification of the Riverside area.

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